NLAG to present nine books

All is now set for Reverend Femi and Pastor Irene Olumeyan of New Life Amazing Grace Bible Church (NLAG) Lagos, to unveil nine thrilling, exciting and inspirational Christian books.

According to the Church, proceeds would be used to provide care and comfort for the less privileged in the society as part efforts to care for the less privileged, especially the indigent students in the  larger society .

The launch is designed to dedicate some of the books to charity in the area of education and skill acquisition support scheme of their ministry; NLAG Education Support, an offshoot of NLAG Church, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

Pastor Femi said: “We are launching the nine insightful books at the same time in December 2016. In term of classifications, the nine books focus on Relationship and Family Life, Effective Prayer, Faith and Redemption. On Relationship and Family Life, there is an insightful book for Singles, one for Married Couples and the third; “Keys to Happy marriage” for both Singles and Married.

He said:  “While thinking for ourselves, and in the process put down in writing our thoughts  and experiences built over the years of studying, pastoring and counselling for others  to read, meditate, learn and apply for a better results. We must not make all the mistakes in life, but we can rather learn from the mistakes and experiences of others to attain that glorious destiny that we desire as individuals. And it is only in reading and studying that we can achieve this. These books would help people learn and have successful relationships, marriages and victorious life without making the common and uncommon mistakes. The books will be launched on Saturday 3rd December, 2016. In addition, we wish to use the books as a platform to help ‘the indigent’ especially by paying their school fees and supplying necessary educational materials.”

Reverend Femi said he is a product of help and will not fail to extend the same help to others in the society.

He added: “Secondly, writing nine books could only be possible by the inspiration of God. If God gives, then it is to help others because God does not bless you for yourself only but He blesses and makes you a channel of blessing to others.

“My wife and I co-authored the books on Relationship and Family Life, and looking at our backgrounds, we are both products of help. For instance, I lost my father at a very tender age of four. Going to school was very hard and laborious. I had to do menial jobs at some point to support myself in schooling. In fact, I was a farmer in secondary school. While in the university, I remember that Twelve Thousand Naira (N12, 000. 00) from the Bishop Oyedepo scholarship scheme was the beginning of a new era in my life. One of my Master’s degree programmes was equally sponsored by another foundation under the West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS). If I have benefitted these much, then it is my turn to put smiles on the faces of young indigent in our society through the proceeds of my writings. My fulfilment and joy would be derived from the smile these books will put on the faces of youths who are passing through the kind of challenges I went through in the past. It is a passion and I would watch it grow”.

“Having been a marriage counsellor for years, I have equally discovered that the greatest challenges in marriage is ‘finance’. Finance, not the lack or much of it that makes the home but the question of how to manage it effectively and efficiently. For instance, in my books on Relationship and Family Life, I made strident effort to explain how plenty of money does not solve so many family problems”.

On her part, Pastor Irene said “The purpose of the books is to address key issues in the lives of those who care to read them.  I have similar background with my husband: We were raised by parents from humble circumstances and by His grace we are where we are today, hence we have found it very important to give back to the society through charity by the inspiration of God. You will agree with me that writing nine books at ago is herculean task. This exercise could not have been possible, except by God’s grace. Also, looking at the whole thing carefully, if God is giving someone inspiration, it must be the type that will change the world for better. What we are saying therefore is that, the books are very important and the society should watch out for these inspiring and life changing books knowing that every copy you buy gives hope to the hopeless.