VIO Prosecutes 1,678 Road Traffic Offenders 


The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS) prosecuted 1,678 persons for various road traffic offences in 2021. 

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday, Mr Wadata Bodinga, Director, DRTS explained that the traffic offenders were prosecuted by the directorate’s various mobile courts stationed at strategic locations within the territory. 

Bodinga added that the total number was a cumulation of the numbers of offenders arrested from January till December of the year under review. 

According to him, January recorded 41 offenders, February 65, March 395, April 297, May 128, June 91, July 82, August 144, September 181, October 98, November 125, and December 31. 

The Director said that from the 1,678 prosecuted, 155 traffic offenders were discharged. 


“In Jan. 2 offenders were discharged, in Feb. no one was discharged, March recorded 70 discharged, April; 38, May; 9, June;1, July;5, Aug.;13, Sept.; 9, Oct.; 6, Nov.;2, Dec.;0,” he said. 

He further said that to enforce compliance to the ban on commercial motorcycles within the FCT and its environs, the ministerial taskforce which includes DRTS men, impounded 1,893 commercial motorcycles in 2021. 

He said that the team also impounded 529 unpainted commercial vehicles, 514 commercial tricycles, 368 persons for traffic light violation and 421 for illegal parking. 

Giving a breakdown of the ministerial task team activities from January till December, 2021, Bodinga revealed that motorcycles impounded in June were the highest with a record of 291, followed by Sept.;250, May; 214, Aug.; 205, April; 170, March; 150, Oct.; 150, July; 144, Nov.; 125, Feb.; 79, Dec.; 70, Jan.;45. 

“For tricycles impounded: Jan.; 44, Feb;47, March;6, April;43, May;37, June;69, July;65, Aug. 86, Sept. 34, Oct.22, Nov.46, Dec. 15. 

“Unpainted commercial vehicles recorded: Jan.; 44, Feb;47, March;6, April;43, May;37, June;69, July;65, Aug. 86, Sept. 34, Oct.22, Nov.46, Dec. 15. 

“Traffic light violations: Jan.; 27, Feb;19, March;25, April;21, May;30, June;19, July;28, Aug. 32, Sept. 21, Oct.42, Nov.51, Dec.53. 

“Illegal parking: Jan.; 0, Feb;61, March;65, April;80, May;25, June;19, July;27, Aug. 45, Sept. 31, Oct.7, Nov.29, Dec. 32,” he said. 

He called on all violators of traffic rules and regulations to take proper road precautions and desist from offences that could lead to arrests. 

The director said that the review of the FCT Road Transport Regulations of 2005 is ongoing to accommodate present day road realities. 

“The review includes stiffer penalties for one-way drivers, cutting of lane drivers, intentional road blockage, operation of motorcycles in the FCT for either private or commercial purposes, traffic lights violation, regulations of dispatch riders, restriction of commercial tricycle operators within the city center, among others. 

“The Abuja Public Transport Management Scheme are also included in the new regulations which will soon come to force,” he said. 

He said that the review, impoundment and arrests were all aimed at sanitising the FCT roads while ensuring the safety of the motoring public in order to reduce crashes.