5G To Boost Auto Industry

Automakers have always prioritised safety, but 5G will provide them with capabilities they may have never thought possible.  

 According to experts, it also presents a relatively new consideration: cyber safety. As vehicles become megaphones of data, they need to have the proper cyber security protocols, in a similar mindset to auto insurance for the physical car itself. 

In the simplest terms, 5G is the next generation of wireless technology after 4G. Telecommunications providers have been preparing for this rollout for years but the initial availability of 5G networks began in 2019.  

 In countries like the US, the 5G rollout has progressed more slowly due to the size of the country and the close distribution requirements of the 5G antennas. As could be expected, urban areas will have 5G sooner than rural. 

The primary benefit over the older 4G networks is the increase in bandwidth for data transfers. This increase in download and upload speeds will benefit cell phone users but also any data device on the network, from computers to IoT devices and of course, vehicles. 5G is especially important for the progression of automation in vehicles and is a critical requirement for many of the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) capabilities being introduced. 

While the automotive industry has already achieved impressive technical feats in this area, there are numerous ways in which this next-generation connectivity will improve safety for drivers and communities.