Catholic Bishops Urge African Countries To Unite In Tackling Insecurity


The Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM), has urged African leaders to unite in confronting the security challenges on the continent.

The SECAM, composed of Catholic Bishops from the continent, made the call during the 19th Assembly Plenary of the episcopal body held in Accra, Ghana. 

A statement issued by Fr Mike Umoh, Director of Social Communications, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria on Thursday in Abuja explained that the Bishops also appealed to the international community for help in addressing the security challenges in Africa. 

They noted that there’s a connection between irregular migration to Europe and other parts of the world by African youth and the recurring conflicts in the continent. 

“Several regions of our continent are experiencing insecurity due to socio-political instability, violence, poverty, weak health structures, insurgency. 


“Also, terrorism, exploitation of religion for political purposes, and lack of respect for the environment and good governance. 

“These situations are causes of anxiety for our people. This is why we are sending a message to all people of goodwill to help put an end to them,” the Bishops said. 

They particularly urged African political leaders to check the migration of the continent’s youths to other parts of the world. 

“The social and political stakeholders, as well as decision-makers, have a heavy responsibility in the management of our countries. 

“We urge them to continue to do their utmost to fight insecurity for our people and Africa. 

“We also urge foreign forces to get involved in fighting this insecurity and in building lasting peace and security on the African continent.” 

They said it was important to put in place structures and conditions that will discourage conflicts and irregular migration. 

These, they said, could be achieved through good governance, social justice, social inclusion, employment and fighting insecurity. 

The Bishops appealed to young people seeking to migrate, “to do so in a manner that is administratively acceptable. nan.”