DHL recognised as top employer in 12 countries

DHL Express has been certified as a Top Employer in Africa by the Top Employers Institute.
  At the Top Employer  ceremony on Thursday at the Sandton Convention Centre, the company was certified as a Top Employer in twelve markets, including Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda.
  Hennie Heymans, CEO of DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), in a statement said:  “We are extremely proud of this achievement. This is testament to how much we value our employees and reaffirms that DHL Express is a rewarding place to work at.”
   He said: “Having motivated people is the first pillar of our global internal Focus strategy and being an Employer of Choice is one of our three bottom lines. This demonstrates how seriously we take employee engagement and development at a global level and on the ground in SSA. We’re committed to having a team of high performers who operate in a high performance culture and in a region that promotes and drives diversity of leadership.”
“I believe that DHL Express has something very unique. You don’t often find a company that can maintain the same culture across the world. The fact that you can walk into any one of our offices around the world and feel that same drive towards customer centricity from the minute you walk in the door is truly amazing. Our Focus pillars lay the foundation for this success and the abundance of employee engagement and recognition programs are perfectly positioned to support this.”
 “These initiatives and programs include our Certified International Specialist (CIS) program, which is a cultural change program that all our employees across SSA have gone through. An extension of CIS is our Certified International Manager (CIM) program, which focuses primarily on ensuring that our leaders are equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet the demands of today’s complex working environment and promote effective and quality leadership among managers.”
 “We also run an annual Employee Opinion Survey which is 100 percent anonymous. This gives us great insight into areas that require improvement, as well as reaffirms areas that we are doing well in. Much like how we rely on customer feedback to improve our customer service quality, direct feedback from employees is imperative to our success. From an employee recognition point of view, we run Employee Appreciation Weeks and functional focus weeks which celebrate and recognize our employees’ achievements in each country. In addition, we present quarterly and annual awards to our star performers, based on employee nominations,” adds Heymans.
 The statement explained that to  be certified as a Top Employer in Africa, a company needs to operate in four or more countries and have exceptional employee conditions.