Edo Woos More Private Investors In Solid Mineral Deposits, Others  


The Edo State Commissioner for Mining and Energy, Enaholo Ojiefoh, has said that the State has surplus solid mineral deposits to host more than 20 more mega plants like the ones set up and operated by Dangote Group and BUA Cement in the State.

Speaking during a live chat with his counterpart in the Ministry of Digital Economy, Science and Technology, Ogbeide Ifaluyi-isibor, Ojiefoh noted that the State has enormous deposits of limestone, dolomite, quartz, gold, kaolin, feldspar, clay, gemstone, quartz, and is determined to exploit the minerals.

“BUA has been mining in a particular spot for over 10 years. Freedom Group has been mining on their site for over 30 years. They are over 50 years old. The hills you see when going through Okpella are all minerals. The same applies to Akoko Edo. There is a huge deposit of dolomite, limestone, and many others across the State.”

He noted that the state government is looking at expanding the number of ceramics companies in the State to increase productivity and expand the opportunities for employment.

Ojiefoh added that the move would boost revenue in the State and also allow for skills development as the companies will have to train more persons in the State to fill vacancies.


“We are ready for investment in Edo. We do not just want to identify the minerals; we want to use these to drive industrialization and that is the mandate we have from the governor,” he said.