FCMB blames NPA for non-remittance of funds

By Moses Ebosele – 
   The management of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) has admitted receiving Euro payments for Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA).
  Briefing the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) in a statement obtained by City BusinessNews (www.citybusinessnews.com) on Thursday, the Bank alleged that NPA has not made an account available for the necessary transfer.
    Explaining further, the Bank said:  “FCMB has made requests from NPA for a Euro account to which to transfer the Euro proceeds, as the bank was only in possession of Naira and US Dollar TSA account details for NPA.
“We (FCMB) have also informed NPA that upon receipt of the correct account details, the transfer will be made. This remains our position as we wait the account details”.
  When City BusinessNews contacted NPA, a source challenged the Bank to make public copies of the letter it wrote to NPA requesting for an account details, “we have not seen such letter. This is s serious matter. The president is already aware of this case”.
 Dissociating itself from any concealment or alleged fraud, the Bank said: “FCMB regularly receives Naira and US Dollar payments on behalf of NPA which are remitted to the NPA’s Treasury Single Account (TSA) accounts with Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)”.
The Bank added: “It is important to reiterate that the said balance has not at any time been concealed from either the NPA management, or the CBN. The bank has not been informed of any investigation relating to these funds or its conduct regarding same.”
 An online medium had on Saturday reported that the new management of the Nigerian Ports Authority has uncovered an alleged fraud totalling N11.23 billion.
   According to the report, out of the amount, six million Euros (N2.09billion at N348 to a dollar) were found concealed in two banks – First Bank of Nigeria and First City Monument Bank.
 Another $24.1million (N7.47billion at N310 per dollar) was allegedly traced to Heritage Bank, the successor bank to the defunct Societe Generale Bank.