Ghana scraps Terminal Handling Charges at Seaports

The Ghanian Ministry of Transport has directed that Terminal Handling Charges (THC) should not be charged by any body as local charge at any of the country’s ports.
 This followed an investigation into the introduction of the Charges by shipping lines and agents, a situation that generated a standoff between them and shippers.
 On August 10, the Ministry ordered a suspension of the charges to allow for investigations.
 In a statement  to announce findings of the investigation, the Ministry stated, among others, that “no new service has been introduced by the shipping companies at the ports in Ghana to warrant a new charge such as the THC”.
It, however, stated that shipping companies are at liberty to increase their freight rates in accordance with increased operational costs.
The statement signed by sector minister Fiifi Kwetey indicated that THC may be introduced as part of freight payable by the shipper at the port of origin in accordance with the appropriate incoterms. “All shipping line/agents should abide by this directive to ensure harmony in the shipping industry in Ghana.”