Gynecologist Advocates More Budgetary Allocation For Family Planning


Prof. Christopher Aimakhu, Secretary General, Society of Gynecologists and Obstetrics of Nigeria (SOGON), has advocated for increased budgetary allocation to boost family planning services in the country. 

Aimakhu stated this on Saturday in his presentation entitled `Analysis of Family Planning Budget and state of contraceptive use in Nigeria’ to an online media training for health reporters and features writers. 

“The country has witnessed a steady decline in the amount budgeted for family planning. There is decreased allocation and release of funds for family planning,’’Aimakhu said. 

He, however, noted that a good partnership with the media and civil society organizations would enable the country achieve its goals, especially when they changed perceptions on family planning service by highlighting the benefits for the people to understand. 

He cited the benefits of meeting women’s needs for family planning to include healthier babies and dropping the rate of new born deaths by 85 per cent. 


“We need good investments to boost family planning, good storage facilities and good supervision,’’Aimakhu said, adding that the country also needed to deliver good products, with the right quality and at the right costs to meet the demands, with also proper data for documentation.nan