Militants blow up another pipeline

Breaking a ceasefire it declared a month ago, the Niger Delta Avengers has claimed responsibility for the bombing of another oil pipeline in the Niger Delta.
  The group in a statement through its spokesman, Mudoch Agbinibo said the group attacked the Bonny pipeline in Rivers State on Friday as “a wake up call”, expressing frustration with the negotiations the militants have been holding with the government.
Agbinibo said the NDA was “still in favour of the dialogue” but accused the government of creating “shameful scenes obtainable in Nollywood acts”, a reference to Nigeria’s huge film industry, accusing authorities of intimidation and blackmail.
  Meanwhile, Nigerian army spokesman Sani Usman explained that suspected militants on speed boats had launched a deadly attack against troops at Efut Esighi in Cross River State.
  “A soldier was killed in action while two soldiers were missing in action,” Usman said, adding that  the attack  was carried out by  a group close to the NDA, the Bakassi Strike Force.
Two militants were killed as troops struck back, the army said.