NLC faults alleged violence against workers in Ogun

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has accused the Ogun State Government of instigating alleged violence against workers in the State.
   In a statement issued at the weekend, NLC  condemned the non-payment of salaries in Ogun, adding that the State Government is instigating alleged violence against the workers    
   NLC factional president, Joe Ajaero said: “Nigeria Labour Congress condemns in very strong terms the ongoing brutality and mayhem deployed by the State Government under the leadership of Ibikunle Amosun”.

 Ajaero was quoted as saying: “We are truly concerned and alarmed at the bloody events in Ogun state in the last few days and the statement issued by the Ogun state traditional rulers council over the face-off between the state’s workers and the state government’s use of violence against workers over non-payment of salaries and wages including the infidelity of the State Government to agreement reached between it and the workers on the intervention of this same Council of Traditional Rulers”.
  Ajaero added: “We are worried at this increasing use of the instrument of violence especially thugs and hoodlums by state governments in resolving matters with Nigerian workers. We saw this at Nassarawa state and now, we are seeing it in Ogun state. It will be a dangerous precedence if this culture of violence become entrenched as no one section of the polity has a monopoly of these instruments of violence”.