Obaseki is best option for Edo State, says Ogbemudia

To sustain ongoing development strides of Edo State under the leadership of Adams Oshiomhole, former Governor of the old Bendel State, Dr Samuel Ogbemudia has appealed to voters to support the candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Godwin Obaseki.
  Speaking at a ceremony to mark his 84th birthday in Benin City, at the weekend, Ogbemudia said Obaseki is the best choice to sustain ongoing projects in the state.
He said: “We have two options, to get the right person to carry on where Comrade Oshiomhole left it or one who will abandon the developmental projects. So that option is staring us in the face but for me, I took the option to get somebody who understands good governance to carry on from where Comrade Oshiomhole is leaving it. Oshiomhole has done well; he has a wonderful wisdom, and that wisdom will live with you forever”.
Oshiomhole who was accompanied by Obaseki and other chieftain of the APC in the state , renamed the New Era College Benin City, to Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia College.
  The college was established during Ogbemudia’s stint as military governor.
   Oshiomhole said:“I remember whenever I visit you, you always give me a list of what to do and why I should do them and what not to do and why you think I should not do them.  Whenever I listen to the advice to do those things you advised me to do, I discovered that I always achieved great success.
“We celebrate you because we speak for Edo people. When I visited Igbanke, they said the last time anybody remembered them was Ogbemudia, and when I went to Abudu the people said the last time they had development was when you were governor. When I went to Ihievbe, they said the road that linked the community to Auchi was built by you. When I went to Michael Imoudu College of Physical Education, they said everything in that school was made by Ogbemudia. So we are grateful to you and we will continue to accord you this well deserved respect” he added.