Palliative work begins on Ijora-Apapa Bridge today

Palliative work will commence today on the collapsing Ijora-Apapa Bridge.
Already, the Federal Government has shut the Bridge to traffic while appealing to members of the public to show understanding.
 Speaking in Lagos, the Minister for Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, said shutting down the Bridge was the best option for now.
 He said: “The Federal Government is dealing with many years of neglect and abuse of the bridge by traders”.
He added: “There are many other bridges across the country that are begging for attention, maintenance and repairs. The Apapa Bridge has  been battered and abused by us, and as a result, we are having the contractor now to do a total evaluation of what is seen and unseen, so that we can restore the bridge to something close to its original form by the time we finish.
 “We will change the expansion joints, mill the surface, replace the surface and also replace some of the reinforcements and strengthen them. We cannot reach a conclusion until we see all the engineering requirements, designs and costs,” said Fahola.
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