UN Officials Condemn Deadly Attacks In Israel


The UN Secretary-General condemned “in the strongest terms” the attack by Hamas against Israeli towns, UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric said.

At dawn, a Hamas-led operation launched thousands of rockets towards Israel from the Gaza Strip, according to the UN relief agency for Palestinians, UNRWA, and its latest situation report.

In response, “Israeli authorities declared that the country is in a state of war and called up military reservists,” according to the agency, which is based in Gaza.

By mid-day, UNRWA reported that “Israeli forces launched operation ‘Iron Sword’ with strikes on the Gaza strip by air, land and sea.”

At nightfall, the agency said the Ministry of Health in Gaza reported 232 people had been killed and 1,697 injuries, including two UNRWA students. Meanwhile, “at least 20,363 internally displaced people were sheltering in 44 UNRWA schools in all areas in the Gaza Strip, except Khan Younis, 28 of which are designated emergency shelters.


 “The attacks have so far claimed numerous Israeli civilian lives and injured many hundreds,” Mr. Dujarric said. “The Secretary-General is appalled by reports that civilians have been attacked and abducted from their own homes.”

The UN chief is deeply concerned for the civilian population and urges maximum restraint and that “all diplomatic efforts” are made “to avoid a wider conflagration”, the UN Spokesperson said. “Civilians must be respected and protected in accordance with international humanitarian law at all times.”

With deepest condolences to the families of the victims, the UN chief called for the immediate release of all abducted persons, Mr. Dujarric said.

“He stresses that violence cannot provide a solution to the conflict, and that only through negotiation leading to a two-State solution can peace be achieved,” the UN Spokesperson said.-UN