Hyundai Records 3.89m Global Sales In 2021

Between January and December 2021, South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Company attained global sales of 3.89 million vehicles, just short of its target of 4 million vehicles. 

 In a statemen t on Monday, the South Korean automaker also set its 2022 sales target at 4.32 million vehicles. 

“In 2022, Hyundai Motor plans to expand its market share and strengthen profitability through efforts to stabilise chip supply and demand, adjust vehicle production schedules, strengthen electric vehicle lineups as well as optimising sales profit and loss by region,” said Hyundai Motor. 

In October, Hyundai Motor cut its 2021 global sales target by about 4% to 4 million vehicles from 4.16 million vehicles amid a global chip shortage.