MFM Urges Christians, Nigerians To  Embrace Gratitude, Adoration


The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), FESTAC Mega Regional Headquarters, has called upon Christians and Nigerians to maintain an attitude of gratitude and adoration towards God, even in the face of adversity.

The Mega Regional Overseer, Pastor Irabor Enojiasun, gave the advice at the MFM mega “Open Air Prophetic Praise’’, tagged Sacrifice of Praise, at the weekend, at the Lagos International Trade Fair, Ojo.

He said that the praise and worship event ties into the church’s “Explosive Evangelism Initiative” – a vision to bring people to Christ and facilitate healing for Nigeria.

He said that the initiative intended to create an environment that fosters holistic well-being by addressing the various aspects of human existence – spiritual, emotional, and physical – to promote overall healing and restoration.

He said that the church has already undertaken various outreaches to help community members over the years.


The various outreaches, he said, included providing scholarships, food relief packages, skill acquisition programmes, and medical care and health interventions like free Hepatitis vaccinations.

He said, “Over the years, the church has provided scholarships to 21 students at the university, secondary and primary school levels enabling them to pursue their education.      

“During the pandemic, food packages with various staple ingredients were distributed to over 1,400 families in an effort to combat hunger.’’

Pastor Sunday Akinseloyin, Regional Overseer, Evangelism International Headquarters, said this call to action serves as a reminder that despite life’s ups and downs, God remains constant and deserving of our unwavering praise

He said that anyone whose hope and trust is put on Christ, no circumstances or situation could weigh such a person down.

“So I will advise that people should be closer to God, and be connected to heaven.

“When you have connection to heaven, you are no longer operating in your own human flesh, because if you are to look at the economy of the world, it is hopeless, but the economy of heaven gives you hope and miracles.

“So a lot of people that suffer depression or even commits suicide do so because their lives depend on what is happening in the world but we depend on what God has for us as a template as written in the Bible.

“So when you work with the word of God and its promises to you as a Christian you will overcome all hardship,’’ he said.  

The District Leader, MFM Evangelism Group, Festac Mega, Evangelist Adesuwa Litan, said that praising God was one of the primary purposes for which God created us.

“When we praise God, we are acknowledging His greatness, goodness, and sovereignty.

“We are expressing our gratitude for all that He has done for us, and we are aligning our hearts and minds with His will.

“So let us learn collectively or individually to praise God because that is one of the purposes he created us,’’ Litan said.

She expressed gratitude to Dr Daniel Olukoya, General Overseer, MFM, for the vision and allowing it to come to reality.

She said, “the Explosive Evangelism Initiative (EELI), is the vision of our father in the Lord which he saw early this year, and we thank God that he did not shy away from it and that is what brought about the birth of the sacrifice of praise we are doing today.

“We trust God that the purpose of this programme, which is to capture the world for Christ, feed the less privileged, offer free medicals, among other things, will be met.’’

Dr Olufunke Nwobu, a Family Physician and Coordinator, EELI Programme, who encouraged people to praise God in any circumstances they found themselves in, said that the event aimed to create an environment that fosters holistic well-being.

She noted that the church which had always provided assistance to the community would be providing free medical healthcare to people.

“Free healthcare services such as general body checks, Hepatitis B vaccinations, Cervical Cancer Screening , Blood sugar checks, among others, will also be provided for the underserved community,’’ she said.

MFM has a long history of reaching out to help those in need. Over the years, the church has undertaken various outreaches to provide assistance to community members in areas such as education, healthcare, and social welfare.

The Sacrifice of Praise featured performances from multiple music ministers and choirs, and had over 20,000 participants in attendance.

The event also offered an opportunity for people to receive healing while launching into a season of praise and gratitude despite national challenges.