NCC: Only 50% Of Polling Units Have 3G Network

Only about 50 per cent of polling units in the country has 3G network that can transmit elections results electronically, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), said on Friday.  

Addressing the House of Representatives in Abuja, leader of the NCC team and the Executive Commissioner, Technical Services,  Ubale Maska explained that only polling units with 3G network coverage could transmit election results electronically. 

He, however, explained that results could be uploaded in areas covered by 2G and later be moved to an area with 3G for the transmission to be completed. 

On possibility of hacking the process, Maska said that no system could be 100 per cent free from activities of hackers. 

He was responding to a question from a lawmaker which bothered on the ability of the agency to prevent hackers from tempering with the process. 

Maska recalled that the 2016 presidential elections in the United States were widely believed to be hacked, saying that activities of hackers were reported daily. 

The commission was invited to brief the lawmakers, following the uproar that erupted in the house on Thursday, while members were considering clause 52 of the Electoral Amendment Bill. 

  Responding to questions from lawmakers, Maska told the house that in 2018, the commission conducted an analysis of the 119,000 polling units in the country. 

According to him, about 50.3 percent of the polling units have 3G and 2G network coverage, while parts of the remaining 46.7 have only 2G and the rest do not have coverage at all. nan.