Report: Contraceptive Averts 28m Unsafe Abortions In One Year 


Between July 2020 and July 2021, contraceptive use averted 135 million unintended pregnancies, 28 million unsafe abortions, and 140,000 maternal deaths. 

 According to data obtained the Transition to FP2030 Measurement Report 2021, Latin America & the Caribbean has the highest rate of modern contraceptive use compared to Africa and Asia, with over 50% of women of reproductive age using modern contraception  

 The report explained that Asia has the largest population of modern contraceptive users in the world.  

 Highlight of the report indicates that: 

 “Africa has made the greatest gains in contraceptive use over the last decade, increasing from 20% of women of reproductive age in 2010 to more than 26% today  


 “In 2020, donor government provided USD$1.40 billion in bilateral funding for family planning- a decline of more than USD$100 million from 2019, representing the first reduction in total bilateral funding since 2016  

“While much of the data paints a tremendous story of resilience amidst the global pandemic, the last bullet point should give us pause for thought.  

 “Not only did the US$100 million decline in funding represent the first reduction in total bilateral funding since 2016, but the risk of losing the progress gained in the last decade is far from over, with additional funding cuts ahead, including to UNFPA’s flagship Supplies Project, and additional waves of the pandemic continuing to ripple across the globe.   

 “Against this backdrop, The Transition to FP2030 Measurement Report 2021 provides high-quality data that can help inform the way that countries and donors can effectively respond to growing family planning needs over the year and the decade ahead.   

“This report follows on from the launch of the new FP2030 partnership at a global event in November last year where the inclusive and wide-reaching new scope of the next decade of the partnership was outlined in FP2030’s report:“The FP2030 Transition”.