Coronation Merchant Bank Unveils Podcast Series


Coronation Merchant Bank has announced plans to launch its podcast series on December 31, 2021 which will cover economic and market development trends. 

In a statement on Wednesday, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Coronation Merchant Bank, Mr Banjo Adegbohungbe, explained that the podcast series was part of the Coronation Conversations platform, an ongoing engagement medium, which includes blogs, thought leadership articles, videos and events. 

He said that it would feature thought leaders, industry experts, and leading professionals. 

Adegbohungbe said the series would be launched across platforms such as the Coronation Merchant Bank website,, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Spreaker, Castbox and PlayerFM. 

According to him, the first installment will be anchored by Ms Chinwe Egwim, Chief Economist of Coronation Merchant Bank. 


Adegbohungbe said: “At Coronation Merchant Bank, we are committed to providing relevant and topical insights required for strategic decision making to our clients. 

“The Coronation Conversations Podcast will foster important conversations among experts which will assist listeners to make informed decisions for business and financial management as well as investment purposes.” 

Also speaking Egwim said the podcast would shape industries, markets, domestic and global economy. 

“The Coronation Conversations Podcast discusses trends that are shaping industries, markets, specific sectors as well as the domestic and global economy. 

“Our podcast series gives listeners an opportunity to tap into expert knowledge, boost their economic intelligence and soak key nuggets from unexpected angles. 

“Insights from each episode will assist investors, captains of industries, professionals, business owners and policy makers to navigate the economic landscape,” she said. 

Coronation Merchant Bank was established in 2015 to provide wholesale banking to a long-underserved market. 

It offers corporate & investment banking, private banking/wealth management and global markets/treasury services to its niche clientele. 

It presently has two branches located in Abuja and Port Harcourt with its head office in Lagos.