FirstBank Educates Nigerians On Cybersecurity


First Bank of Nigeria Ltd., is sensitising indivduals and businesses with useful information on protection to avoid cyberattack in today’s digital age. 

The Chief Executive Officer, FirstBank Group, Dr Adesola Adeduntan explained in statement on Tuesday that it had become necessary for individuals and businesses to be informed on how to be well protected to avoid cyberattack. 

He noted that the world as a global village was associated with not just benefits but also risks of cyberattack. 

“Today’s world, largely referred to as the digital age has been influenced by information technology which has optimised the way we carry out our individual and business activities. 

“However, the current age has been marred by illicit activities like identity theft, internet fraud amongst many others which poses a risk to the safety of individuals and businesses. 


“In today’s digital age, which the pandemic has accelerated the embrace, cyberattacks are occurring at an alarming rate across the world. 

“As such, no individual, business or government entity with digital and online presence is immune to cyberattacks; and the financial, physical and legal implications of an attack can be significantly upsetting,” he said. 

Adeduntan said individuals, businesses and governments needed to be deliberate in protecting themselves against cybersecurity threats. 

He said for this reason, the bank would hold a webinar tagged “Staying Protected Amidst the Pandemic Chaos,” to address cyberattacks. 

He said the webinar slated for April 16 would have participants knowledgeably equipped with vital information that would enable them make informed decisions, thereby promoting their safety whilst staying protected against possible risks and malicious attacks. 

He enjoined everyone to participate in the forthcoming webinar as it is a viable opportunity to stay informed whilst being abreast with current trends that are pivotal to promoting safety in today’s world driven by information technology.