Vivian Fowler Memorial College Girls Shower Love On Vulnerable Elders


In a demonstration of leadership, the students and newly elected prefects of Vivian Fowler Memorial College reached out to vulnerable elders in their community as they marked the 2021 Prefect Week.

The young stars, their teachers and parents made a cash donation through JBS Elderly Health and Wellbeing Foundation Africa as a token of love and support towards elderly care.

 As part of activities to mark the week-long program, the CEO of JBS Medicare Services, Dr. Olutoyin Ajala was a guest speaker at the health talk.

During the health talk, Dr. Ajala urged the students to aspire for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and particularly medicine. 

 She emphasized the need to conceptualize on ongoing advancement in healthcare research and administration to ensure continuity and safeguard of careers in the fields. 


As motivation, Dr. Ajala noted that it was expedient for the younger generation to continue to build on the success of the older generation.  

 She highlighted that at the core of geriatric medicine was ensuring unimpaired accessibility and inclusion of elders in healthcare programs and policies.

A statement explained that JBS Elderly Health and Wellbeing Foundation Africa is advancing the cause to unite government, corporate and individuals towards the common goal of ensuring that the elderly in our communities are not without support.

Its flag-ship program Adopt-a-Granisbringing respite to underprivileged elders in Africa through provision of healthcare, food, clothing, and shelter. Through partnerships and advocacy, JBS Elderly Foundation is meeting these needs.

According to epidemiological data, the severity of COVID-19 pandemic, fatality rate rises strongly with age.   

 Some imposed measures to contain the virus spread namely social distancing and restriction on movement of people challenged the aging population the most.

The event anchored on the note that it is imperative for everyone to care and seek out innovative ways of keeping in touch with the elderly in our society. The donation and social awareness of Vivian Fowler Memorial Collegegirls was a brilliant representation of such. Dr. Ajala appreciated and congratulated the newly elected prefects and urged them to continue to fly high in their academies and other aspirations.

While charging the elected prefects to be exemplary leaders, the school administrator, Olufunke Fowler-Amba admonished the younger girls to continue to raise the bar and to keep up with thelongstanding tradition of the College of giving back to society through various acts of kindness.