Atiku Congratulates Adeleke, People Of Osun


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar congratulated the winner of the Osun governorship election, Sen Ademola Adeleke. 

Abubakar in a statement on Sunday described Adeleke’s victory in the election as a well-fought victory. 

He also congratulated the PDP family and all stakeholders who came together to make the victory possible. 

Abubakar also congratulated the people of Osun for proving that power truly belonged to the people. 

“I have always had affection for the people of Osun for obvious reasons. Yes, my wife hails from there, but if you have to walk a difficult path and you need men and women of courage and astute valour, the people of Osun will never be a disappointment.” 


Abubakar said that it would be on record that Osun had provided the compass into that brighter future that awaited  Nigeria at the horizon. 

He said the referendum on 2023 general elections had commenced with the verdict of the people of Osun in electing Adeleke, saying we know that the 2023 general election would be a full referendum. 

“The ship of hope is already at the harbour under the umbrella of the PDP. We shall intensify the work to ensure that we uproot all vestiges of bad governance and false hopes toward the 2023 election. 

“The Imole (light) that has started to shine from Osun shall soon have national coverage. 

“One more good thing about the victory in Osun is that it has provided a catalyst for the PDP to see the opportunity when the party works together in unity. 

“The work to bring the PDP together is a work in progress and the good news is that we are steadily making progress. 

As you wake up the morning after (Sunday, July 17), you may be assured that you are doing so with the illumination that has come to Osun.” 

Abubakar said that the march to reclaim Nigeria’s greatness had begun and it shall not stop until the party achieved the goal of one people, one future and one country.