Kia Reveals New Sportage SUV

 Kia Corporation revealed on Tuesday the official images of its new Sportage Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), crafted to inspire customers with its interior and exterior design.
The result of collaborative efforts among Kia’s main global design network in Korea, Germany, the US, and China, the new Sportage is due for global market launch later this year,.
The exterior challenges design norms and moves the Sportage identity into the next generation, while paying homage to its rich heritage, the company said in a media release. 

Tense and crisp lines ripple along the refined body, amplifying dramatic styling tensions. The clean and muscular surfaces join forces with intricate graphics to give the SUV a dynamic and assertive road presence. On the inside, a space has been created that is truly state-of-the-art, fusing high-tech sensibilities into contemporary style, the release added.
“Reinventing Sportage gave our talented design teams a tremendous opportunity to do something new; to take inspiration from the recent brand re-launch and introduction of EV6 to inspire customers through modern and innovative SUV design. With the new Sportage, we didn’t simply want to take one step forward but instead move on to a different level in the SUV class,” Karim Habib, senior vice president and head of Global Design Center, said.
Revealed earlier this year, Kia’s new design philosophy – Opposites United – is at the core of the new Sportage, influencing every aspect of its appearance and character. “The principles of Opposites United will influence all future Kia designs, giving them the same basic DNA. The thought-provoking and daring philosophy strengthens the connection between design and Kia’s new brand direction, ‘Movement that inspires’” .