Catholic Bishop To Nigerians: Embrace Love, End Killings, Violence


The Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Most Rev. Callistus Onaga has urged Nigerians to use the occasion of this year’s Christmas to show love, end violence and killings in the country. 

Onaga stated this in his Christmas message at his residence at Independence Layout, Enugu on Saturday. 

The bishop said there was need for Nigerians to stop killing and violence but strive to relate well with one another irrespective of tribe, religion and culture. 

He said, “My wish for all of us in Nigeria is that this Christmas will be a very special one and help us to see the necessity to love one another. 

“Let peace reign my dear brothers and sisters, and may the peace of Christ who left everything he had as God came down to lift us up reign in our hearts this Christmas. 


“In the New Year, I pray that we use the effect of Christmas to launch into 2023. 

Onaga urged political leaders to be close to their people stressing that the season was an opportunity to bond with the constituents and know their needs. 

He explained that God showed good example of leadership by sending his only begotten son to the world for humanity to know He loves them. 

Onaga, however, said humanity should appreciate God for sending his only begotten son to save mankind, describing Christmas as light and not darkness. 

“Ironically and paradoxically, people do bad things in the name of celebrating Christmas, they get money by all means to celebrate it but it is the wrong understanding of Christmas. 

“We are rejoicing and thanking God that this year with all the difficulties we have in Nigeria, especially in the southeast region, people are still celebrating Christmas,” Onaga said. 

On 2023 general election, Onaga said Nigeria had always been sitting in a very precarious situation as they prepared for general elections 

He said 2023 was a very decisive year for Nigerians given the economic, political, social and cultural crisis they found themselves in. 

“As the king of peace and justice is going to be born, may the celebration of this year help us to see the necessity to bring peace to our people during the 2023 election. 

“This is a year that can make or unmake Nigeria but my prayer is the year 2023 will be brighter and promising, bring our oneness in our diversity,”. 

On Security crisis, Onaga noted that if all of Nigerians put their hands together in 2023 to seek the best way out of the quagmire and difficulty, Nigeria would be better. 

“May we seek peace by planting justice, love and being tolerant with one another in 2023 beginning from our household to community, state and nation in general.nan”