Lagos Parking Authority Intensifies Enlightenment Campaign, Parners Local Govt, Investors  

Photo Caption: From right: Permanent Secretary Lagos State Ministry of Transportation Mr Kamar Olowosago; Commissioner for Transportation, Dr Frederick Oladehinde;  General Manager of the newly-created Lagos State Parking Authority (LASPA), Mrs Adebisi Adelabu and Chief Executive Officer, MMCC Group, Mr Lanre Issa-Onilu during a parley with Journalists on Wednesday in Lagos. 

By Moses Ebosele,  —

The General Manager, Lagos State Parking Authority (LASAP), Mrs Adebisi Adelabu has urged residents to support the State in curbing indiscriminate parking of vehicles across the metropolis.  

Speaking at an interactive session with Journalists on Wednesday in the company of Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Transportation, Mr Kamar Olowosago and Commissioner for Transportation, Dr Frederick Oladehinde, Adelabu explained that the Agency is collaborating with sister agencies and other stakeholders.  

According to Adelabu, the new Lagos State Parking policy is designed to decongest traffic, address climate change challenges, create job opportunities and generate revenue for the state.  

Adelabu appealed to all stakeholders especially vehicle owners, event centres, religious organizations among others to adhere strictly to laid down rules and regulations, “Organised parking spaces will save time, provide a healthy environment and improve the living standards of residents and visitors.”  


Established by an Act of the Lagos State House of Assembly in 2019, LASAP promotes the parking policies of Lagos State in line with national and urban transport policies.  

Under the arrangement, the parking structure is divided into three: On-street parking, Off-street parking, which involves private park operators and the garages.  

Adelabu disclosed that LASAP is to implement its agenda in phases starting with five Local Governments.  

 Adelabu called on all park operators (commercial and non-commercial) to register with the agency for an operating permit from 1st March 2022. 

Speaking earlier, the Commissioner for Transport, Dr. Frederic Oladeinde, said the creation of LASPA by the Governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu became necessary to address the indiscriminate acts of motorists who park indiscriminately on the roads and at undesignated bus stops. 

Dr. Oladeinde explained that in line with the first pillar of THEME’S Agenda, traffic management and transportation is key. Therefore, parking space issues needed to be addressed to reduce travel time impeded upon by traffic and make the State a 21st-century running economy for its residents in the short and long term. 

Dr. Oladehinde maintained that the imbalance between parking demand and parking supply has been the main reason for the metropolis’ unregularised parking problems, hence the need for LASPA. 

These, according to him, are contributing to traffic congestion, traffic accidents, and environmental pollution which the agency is fervently poised to address. 

According to him, the new Lagos State Parking policy is designed to decongest traffic, address climate change challenges, create job opportunities and also generate revenue for the state through issuance of parking tickets to defaulters. 

Dr. Oladehinde urged vehicle owners to shun any act of indiscriminate parking which contributes greatly to traffic congestion, adding that the administration of Babajide Sanwo-Olu is determined to sanitize the transport sector, and make it in tune with global best practices. 

Information made available to City Business News indicates that the policy will remove obstacles from carriageways “thereby improving the steady flow of traffic and increase carriageway capacity”.  

According to the State Government, other benefits of the policy includes: “It will satisfy social objectives of making available adequate parking space at certain locations for certain social groups e.g residents, mobility disadvantaged and mile to mile operators.  

“To provide a more responsive parking regime that will reflect the demands of various locations at different times of the day and week.  

“To mitigate ‘spill-over’  effect, which implies that parking demands stemming from new developments would not encroach on parking in adjacent areas or parking used for pre-existing development.  

 According to LASAP, “Parking of commercial vehicles on streets not metered / regulated is prohibited,blocking  an entrance or exit and walkway is prohibited.  

“It shall  be an offence for or default of park fees.Parking on slots marked for Public Transport, Fire Service, Ambulance, Taxi and People with special needs by any other person not so authored shall constitute.  

“Obstructing any authorized parking agent  from carrying out his legitimate duty under the law or regulation of the State parking scheme shall constitute an offence.  

“The printing and issuance of parking tickets without due authorization shall constitute an offence.  

“The Lagos State Parking Authority will encourage private investment for development of Location“  

 Other agenda outined by the new policy includes:   

LASPA will actively represent and promote Lagos State parking policies in line with national transport policies by advancing knowledge, raising standard and assessment of related fees.  

Lagos State Parking Authority will establish professionalism in the sector as well as provide innovative operational guidance.  

The Leadership Team of the Agency is made up of professional, innovative, articulate strong , and hardworking personnel  

LASPA will achieve excellence in how Lagos State parking policies are envisioned, developed and in line with best global practices for a modern, efficient and sustainable managed parking system towards reducing congestion, disruption, improved road safety and changing travel behavior   

LASPA will provide an enabling environment for vehicle owners, in a secured functional orderly and   

For on street parking, the following shall constitute Parking Offences to which the State shall impose fines.  

Parking of vehicles on sidewalks is prohibited  

Parking on road median-whether paved or grass- is prohibited .  

Parking of vehicles within three metres of a fire hydrant is prohibited.  

Parking of vehicles against the directional flow of traffic is prohibited.   

The Agency will also ensure a multi-level car park which is a manual or automated facility that houses several vehicles on every floor. The ideal behind constructing a multi- level building is to maximize car parking capacity space.  

A multi- level car parking system results in optimum space utilization as multiple cars can be parked in the same amount of space.  

It also comes with lower maintenance, operational, and construction costs, it is also environment-friendly as it leaves more open spaces for landscaping and greenery.   

By parking in specified areas, cars no longer block crucial roads, thus reducing traffic congestion.  

Moreover, such a system of the vehicles and the benefits to car owners, drivers, pedestrians, and investors are all too clear.  

The on-street marking shall either be horizontal, diagonal and, or,  vertical.  The type to be used shall be determined by the availability of space, traffic and safety.  

Parking shall be prohibited from lawns, lanes and other areas not designated for parking  

All posted signs and traffic control devices must be obeyed  

All vehicles shall be parked within the boundaries of a marked stall slot  

Vehicles parked on the parking lot shall be at owner’s risk. The State and the Lagos State Parking Authority shall not be held responsible for any cannibalization, theft, mutilation or any adverse effect on vehicles parked on areas designated for parking in the State.  

Responsibility for locating an appropriate designated parking area rests with the vehicle operator  

The allocation of parking stall/lot in the state shall be the responsibility of the Lagos State Parking Authority  

Any vehicle found in to be in violation shall be impounded and towed to be a designated location and such vehicle may not be released until all violations are paid for.  

Vehicles that are not moved from a parking stall for two (2) days are considered abandoned.  

Payment for parking stall shall vary from location to location.   

The Lagos State  Parking Authority shall reserve  the right to fix the rates in the State.