CEAT Unveils SecuraDrive Tyres For SUVs

 CEAT Tyres Ltd has launched a new premium tyre range called ‘SecuraDrive SUV’ for the compact SUV segment. The new tyre borrows its name from the SecuraDrive platform for premium hatchbacks and sedans, the company said in statement.
With its focus on offering a unique driving experience, SecuraDrive SUV tyres are superior in performance on the city roads as well as highways. This new range of tyres offers numerous benefits like precise steering control and excellent cornering stability due to an innovative 3D Groove wall technology. The fluidic sipe design on the pattern helps aquaplaning and provides superior braking.
The unique CACTUS algorithm used for tread pitch design lowers the in-cabin noise and promises a comfortable drive. One additional feature which stands out is the stylish sidewall and tread pattern which complements the stylish looks of Compact SUVs, the release said..
CEAT Tyres CMO Amit Tolani, said, “The compact SUV segment has seen exceptional growth of over 50% in the last five years and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20% in the next 3-4 years. We saw the potential and the need to cater to this segment with a specialised tyre range, that provides an optimum combination of comfort and performance. We are confident that the SecuraDrive SUV range of tyres will provide the best-in-class riding experience in the segment.”